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Rehearsal Videos

All Carryin the Banners

Full Song 7/14

Tag #3A 7/14

Reprise #4A 7/14

Reprise #4A

Full song from the front

Original audition choreography (final chorus)

Full song from behind

All doing final chorus (recorded from the front)

10 dancers "summer stinks" through next chorus

The World Will Know

Recorded Monday 7/12 - see notes

Wednesday 7/14

Seize the Day

Seize the Day FULL

Beginning up to military

Military up to Newspaper

Newspaper section

Tricks through the end

Fight Section

Tricks through the end take 2


First night learning it - see notes

from 7/14

King of New York

Full song from Behind

Full song from Front

Cups slow with counts

Cups at tempo

From the end of the Katherine dance break through the end.

King of NY Tag
Once and For All

Jacqueline=Jenna, Bobby=Emmett


Finale 2

King of NY section only with adults

Full song, Newsies only

Adult Choreo Only

That's Rich

From behind, check notes for clarifications

from front - see notes for clarifications

Don't Come a Knockin'

from behind (June 23)

from front - see notes for clarifications

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