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Who are we?

and where in the world did WHATFUN! come from?

"It's only children's theatre!"

is a phrase we got REALLY tired of hearing. If we truly believe that children are the future, then why don't we value their experience? Especially when they can be some of the most honest and critical audiences! We knew that as artists, we should ask for more; that we should demand better of ourselves, and our peers. So we set out to create shows that are:

  • creative and challenging for directors and actors, and would inspire them to produce quality work

  • mindful of areas of interest for children, and have both educational and real life applications

  • respectful of our audience and their abilities, and never condescend 

If these principles connect with you, then you've come to the right place! We'd love to share our passion for children's theatre that is smart, approachable, artistic, and fun! You can check out our current available shows:


or request a show written specifically for you here: 


If you have any questions, want to share your passions with us, or just simply say, "hey!" contact us here: 

We're thankful for people like you! 

xx Ashley and Bobby

Outside of WhatFun! we are both actor/singer/dancers that have had the privilege and good fortune to continue to work together. We married in September of 2017, and are happily continuing on our adventure! To learn more about our performance careers, just click                Home on the toolbar will also work. :)

who are bobby and Ashley?
the story goes on...

Our critically acclaimed show, Rapunzel in the Wild West made its debut at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2015, and was very well received. Since then, all of our shows have been produced regionally from professional theatres to youth programs. We've also written a fully new musical and are currently developing a new show as well!  Follow our progress here:

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Origin Story

Our story began across the world, in        South Korea, where we met working as Edutainers at Gyeonggi English Village (now English Musicals Korea).  

There, we developed our writing and composing muscles, and fully experienced the joy and growth that can come from theatre that is both entertaining and educational!

Most of the shows currently available are based on source material that was created during our time at GEV. We saw the awesome audience response, not only from the Korean audiences, but students from U.S. Military bases, and realized that with some adjustments, the shows could translate in America as well!  

Since acquiring ownership of the original English Village material, all of the scripts have been adapted for American audiences, and include new and updated songs written by US!

smart, approachable, artistic, and FUN!


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