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Find out what others have to say about their WhatFun! experience, check out our music "highlight reel," and see pics from previous productions!


from Rapunzel in the Wild West (Fringe NYC 2015)

Theatre Is Easy is a safe guess that this show is the first introduction to the world of theatre for many of [its] attendees, and what a good choice it is.

[The songs] are winsome, just right for the piece, bright and tight, not trite, spritely and cheery. Vocabulary is on plane with children’s ability to understand, without being overly cutesy, condescending, or syrupy. And the melodies are invigorating and accessible.

Theatre Reviews Limited

...when kids are literally standing on their seats to get a better view, you know your children’s show is a success.


"As a director and choreographer being able to collaborate made things so much easier and less stressful. Due dates were met, and often times I had the info earlier than promised. The kids loved that each song was a different genre of music and came to rehearsal excited to find out what kind of music their characters got assigned. They loved the modern twist on familiar characters! Since the tracks are all fully orchestrated I didn’t have the stress of hiring an orchestra and the kids had consistent rehearsal tracks. Can’t wait to work with WhatFun again!"

-Mary Johnson

Show Director, New Hope Care Center

"The WhatFun! Team are collaborative, creative, prepared, organized and passionate.  Working with them at Davenport Junior Theatre has been beyond our expectations.  Bobby’s musical arrangements and compositions, and Ashley’s creative direction and inspired storytelling, helped make the show a success. They continued to lead and guide our student team from the first rehearsal to the closing day.  You can count on this duo to be reliable, inspired, and… well, if someone asked how your experience was, I just might say, 'WhatFun!'”

-Daniel DP Sheridan

Artistic Director, Davenport Junior Theatre

"[Campout! is] a quick, easy to follow story...and the characters were fun for the kids!"


"We still have kids singing 'Campout... Ooo ooo ooo oo' as we hear them walk by!"


"Again, we are SO HAPPY we were able to do this [Campout!] and we play [the song] Teamwork every time we clean the theatre. My staff had fun and the kids loved it and it was a great addition to our camp program this summer."

-Tommy Walker

Camp Barney Medintz

Greatest Hits

some of our fave tunes
Campout! - Campout!
Teamwork - Campout!
It's Dinner Time - The VERY Different Duckling
The VERY Different Duckling
You are You Reprise - The VERY Different Duckling
Alice in Wonderland
It Takes Everyone to Make a Garden Grow - Alice in Wonderland
Finale - Alice in Wonderland
The Biggest Big Race
How it Feels to Have a Dream - The Biggest Big Race
When You're a Winner - The Biggest Big Race
Rapunzel in the Wild West
The Friendship Train - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Bonus Tracks
On the Case - WhatFun! Theatre
Big Bad Reputation - WhatFun! Theatre

production pics

Rapunzel in the Wild West - FringeNYC 2015
Alice in Wonderland Jr. - New Hope Schools 2017
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