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"Ashley [is] collaborative, creative, prepared, organized and passionate."  -Daniel DP Sheridan; Artistic Director, Davenport Junior Theatre

Ashley Mill Becher actor director choreographer wedding prep photo by Jake Kiser blest studios

Creative resume:

Performing got me started in theatre, but I have learned that creating is what drives my passion! I found that my love of developing characters led me to discover my enthusiasm and abilities for creating unique stories through choreography and direction. My first foray into the production team world was through costume design and my (perhaps unhealthy) love of clothes, and this opened my eyes to the level of care and creativity that crafts truly beautiful works of art! Since then, I have been delightedly delving into several aspects of production, including writing and composing. My high level of organization and clear communication skills have led me to also guide and nurture the works and abilities of others, taking on roles as an Educator and Artistic Director. I hope you enjoy a little 'behind the scenes' look at my 'behind the scenes' work!

"Ashley’s creative direction and inspired storytelling helped make the show a success."

-Daniel DP Sheridan; Artistic Diretor


Choreo Reel:

My greatest asset as a choreographer is designing moves and a style that fit perfectly with the music. To best display this skill, I've taken clips of my choreography from previous projects and "choreographed" them to "Show People" from Curtains.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse:

Rapunzel in the Wild West

New York International Fringe Festival:


Costume design and construction

Wig design and styling

Set design

Costume Design and Construction:

The Princess and the Crown


English Musicals Korea

Finding home


Jack and the Beanstalk


The Very ugly duckling


Set Design: (and director)


all photographs taken by Jake Kiser: Blest Studios

september 2017

I had the great honor and thrill of designing many elements for my wedding. This is an excellent glimpse at my personal style. Bobby and I definitely collaborated on the design elements, and he got his hands dirty, coloring coffee filters to create whimsical flowers, but the overall look is a testament to my personal aesthetic. I hope you enjoy!

hair clip with ribbons designed and created by me, blue veil purchased from vintage store

bouquet designed and made by me using dahlias and garlic

adjustable flower crowns designed and created by me to fit each bridesmaid's personality and personal style

created using silk flowers, floral wire, and floral tape

ceremony site: set-up designed by me

coffee filter flowers created by myself and bobby

wedding reception l'abri at linwood sweetheart table and dessert table, shabby chic victorian chairs, tea roses, dip dyed cake, dip dyed candles
wedding reception at L'Abri at Linwood, dip dyed tablecloths, shabby chic, bohemian, boho

reception site: 

designed and created by me:

flower arrangements

dipped tablecloths

centerpiece arrangements

dipped candles

dessert table arrangement

paper flowers 


cake topper: designed and created by Bobby and me



designed by Bobby and me - created by Cakes by Manfred

wedding centerpiece, dip dyed candles, tea roses, m&ms, shabby chic

wedding and reception were held at L'Abri at Linwood in Linwood, NC

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Ashley as an actor

Ashley Mills Becher headshot by Shared Light Photography

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