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Wheezy isn't like the other ducks - he can't even quack! When his sister is too embarrassed to be seen with him, Wheezy decides to run away. After narrowly escaping the hungry cat, Spike, Wheezy meets a ballerina cow, and a rock and roll rat, who teach him to celebrate his differences. But when Wheezy discovers that Spike is planning to eat his family, he realizes he must return home. Will Wheezy and his eccentric new friends be able to make it back before dinner time?


Wheezy - Lead. A quirky, but lovable little duck. He doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the group. Alto or Tenor.

Spike - Lead. A mean tomcat who is always trying to find a way to have his favorite meal, roast duck. Baritone or Alto/Belter.

Daisy - Supporting. An enthusiastic and loveable cow. Roger’s somewhat overbearing girlfriend. Soprano.

Roger - Supporting. A rockstar rat with a tiny tail. Daisy’s reluctant boyfriend. Tenor.

Lucky - Supporting. A sassy little show-off. She always succeeds at whatever she does...and she knows  it. Mezzo.

Mama - Supporting. A kind, nurturing, but slightly frazzled parent who is not always aware of Lucky’s antics. Alto. Can be drag.


  • 6 characters

    • 2 females​

    • 1 male

    • 3 open

  • approx. 45 min without intermission

  • 9 songs

  • music style: contemporary musical theatre, with elements of pop and rock

Pre K-2nd grade
Today is a Special Day - The Very Different Duckling
The Hungry Cat Blues - The Very Different Duckling
He's my Rock and She's my Roll - The Very Different Duckling
It's Dinner Time - The Very Different Duckling
Finale (You are You Reprise) - The Very Different Duckling

What's Next?

Well, that depends.... which one are you?

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Learning Goals:
  • Distinguishing good characters from evil characters

  • Addresses bullying and its effects


Audiences will learn that being different is what makes us special. They will also explore the importance of family; the one you’re born into and the one you choose for yourself.

Music Samples

smart, approachable, artistic, and FUN!

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