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The Shows

A WhatFun! show is where education and entertainment interact and coalesce.

Our shows are meticulously crafted to be a creative and educational experience that will whisk it’s audience away on a stimulating adventure. Every show will both delight and inspire, transforming the audience into far more than spectators.

Our goal is to leave children and adults alike, exclaiming “What fun!” at the end of each performance.

All shows include:

Script and Original Music

Along with a fantastic script, our shows all come with music that is original, fresh, and bright!

Sheet Music and Individual Rehearsal Tracks

Because everyone learns differently, we provide you with sheet music for the visual learner, and individual rehearsal tracks for those who learn better by ear.

Fully Orchestrated Tracks for Songs and Incidental Music

No need to hire a band or orchestra - all our shows include fully orchestrated tracks produced on LogicProX.

*Study Guides and Activity Booklets available

*for a small additional fee, we can also provide you with study guides and activity booklets that will help teachers tie the show into their classrooms.

The book does not dumb down the dialogue as other children shows can. It is also a fantastic modern take on a classic story—not deviating so much from the original that it is unrecognizable, but different enough to resonate with a modern audience.

-Theatre is Easy

[The songs] are winsome, just right for the piece, bright and tight, not trite, spritely and cheery. Vocabulary is on plane with children’s ability to understand, without being overly cutesy, condescending, or syrupy. And the melodies are invigorating and accessible.


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It's another sunny day as The Pasture prepares for their annual Big Race. Tortoise has always dreamed of running, but her friends Bear, Duck, and Deer remind her that each animal has their own role to play - Hares are the star runners, and Tortoises are accountants. Two unassuming and somewhat wiley trainers convince her otherwise, and she signs up to compete. Join brave Tortoise and an assortment of animals, as she sets out to prove that with hard work and perseverance, you can change the world!

Suggested Audience: k-8th grade

Runtime: 1hr 20min

Cast Size: 30+ 

Rapunzel longs to be a cowgirl but her mother insists it’s time for her to start acting like a lady. When the evil Bandit Queen shows up to steal the town fortune, it’s up to Rapunzel and her famous, long, golden, hair-lasso to save the day. Can she prove to everyone that she’s more than just a lady? Hop on the “Friendship Train” and help lasso the Bandit Queen just in time for Rapunzel’s birthday party!

Suggested Audience: 1st-6th grade

Runtime: 50 min

Cast Size: 7

"Junior" Cast Size: 14+

Alice, an imaginative young girl, is being pressured by her mother to become a doctor. When she decides to run away from home to prove her independence, she ends up discovering more than she ever dreamed. Join her on her magical journey to Wonderland, where a cast of crazy characters show her that with a little patience, hard work, teamwork, and fun, her future is full of possibilities!

Suggested Audience: 1st-6th grade

Runtime: 1 hr

Cast Size: 8

"Junior" Cast Size: 21+

Welcome to Summer Camp! ...Unfortunately these five unhappy campers don't get along at all, and are having the worst summer! But when they go on an overnight campout and their camp counselors disappear, they'll have to overcome their differences and work together to defeat the scary creature that lives in the woods! Join them on their journey of self-discovery as they realize it may just turn out to be the best summer of their lives!

Suggested Audience: k-8th grade

Runtime: 50 min

Cast Size: 7

Wheezy isn't like the other ducks - he can't even quack! When his sister is too embarrassed to be seen with him, Wheezy decides to run away. After narrowly escaping the hungry cat, Spike, Wheezy meets a ballerina cow, and a rock and roll rat, who teach him to celebrate his differences. But when Wheezy discovers that Spike is planning to eat his family, he realizes he must return home. Will Wheezy and his eccentric new friends be able to make it back before dinner time?

Suggested Audience: Pre k-3rd grade

Runtime: 45 min

Cast Size: 6

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