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Alice in Wonderland

explore your possibilities


Real world:

Alice - An imaginative young girl. Soprano/Mix.


Mother - Alice’s overbearing mother who values discipline and practicality. She expects Alice to become a doctor like her. Soprano.


Father - Alice’s eccentric, imaginative father who finds the fun in every learning opportunity. Tenor.


Peter - Alice’s younger brother; the quintessential “Mama’s Boy.” Baritone.


Grandmother - Mother’s mother; living in the family home. Alto/Belt.


Deandra - The family maid. Mezzo.


Mr. Dumbledore - The family butler. Baritone.


  • 8 actors

    • 3 females

    • 3 males

    • 2 open

  • approx. 60 min without intermission

  • 10 songs

  • music style: contemporary musical theatre

    • elements of rock, pop, gospel, and hip hop

Our Jr. version was originally created for a cast of 24 elementary and middle school students, but is easily customizable!​

Jr. version available

Alice, an imaginative young girl, is being pressured by her mother to become a doctor. When she decides to run away from home to prove her independence, she ends up discovering more than she ever dreamed. Join her on her magical journey to Wonderland, where a cast of crazy characters show her that with a little patience, hard work, teamwork, and fun, her future is full of possibilities!

Queen of Hearts - The Supreme Ruler of Wonderland.  Wants to control

everything, including Alice. (Mother)


White Rabbit - The Queen’s frantic, personal assistant. (Peter)


Cheshire Cat - A mysterious and mischievous cat. Alice’s guide in



Mad Hatter - The fun, crazy lead singer of Wonderland’s favorite

rock-n-roll band. (Father)


Lil’ Mouse - The rock band’s drummer. Always speaks in rhymes. (Grandmother)


March Hare - The lead guitar player for the band.  Speaks in alliteration. (Dumbledore)


Tweedle Dee - Argumentative and dim-witted construction worker. (Deandra)


Tweedle Dum - Argumentative and dim-witted construction worker. (Dumbledore)


Ace of Hearts - The Queen’s general. (Grandmother)


Rose - The sweet matriarch of the flower family; she is wise and loving. (Grandmother)


Dandelion - A tough broad (or bloke) who does “grunt work.” (Dumbledore)


Lily - A somewhat vapid flower. She’s the beauty-queen/model type of the group, but still sweet. (Deandra)


Caterpillar - A serious and condescending caterpillar. Transforms into The Game Show Host. (Cheshire Cat)


M. Butterfly - The butterfly that the Caterpillar transforms into. Energetic and positive, a stereotypical game show host. (Cheshire Cat)



1st-5th grade


Audiences will learn some important qualities to look for in a career, including: having fun, working hard, teamwork, and patience.

Learning Goals:

  • Rhyming

  • Alliteration

  • Basic rhythms

Music Samples

Picture of Success - Alice in Wonderland
T! - Alice in Wonderland
The Queen of Hearts - Alice in Wonderland
Off With Your Head - Alice in Wonderland
Possibilities - Alice in Wonderland
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - Alice in Wonderland
It Takes Everyone to Make a Garden Grow - Alice in Wonderland
Finale - Alice in Wonderland
Well, that depends.... which one are you?

What's Next?

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