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The BIGGEST Big Race


Jr. version


It's another sunny day as The Pasture prepares for their annual Big Race. Tortoise has always dreamed of running, but her friends Bear, Duck, and Deer remind her that each animal has their own role to play - Hares are the star runners, and Tortoises are accountants. Two unassuming and somewhat wiley trainers convince her otherwise, and she signs up to compete. Join brave Tortoise and an assortment of animals, as she sets out to prove that with hard work and perseverance, you can change the world!

TORTOISE: Lead. Meek, but not weak. Determined, smart, and kind.

Dreams of running in the Big Race.

HARE: Lead. A conceited bully. The fastest runner in the Pasture, and

she knows it.

MOLE: Supporting. Blind. Calm, and very focused. Speaks in proverbs

that always seem to come true.

WEASEL: Supporting. Sly, energetic, and unfocused. Always ready to

move onto the next con. Will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

BEAR: Supporting. One of Tortoise’s close friends. Lazy, and always

thinking about food. Family of construction workers; dreams of being

a chef.

DUCK: Supporting. One of Tortoise’s close friends. Plucky and energetic.

Family of farmers; dreams of being an actor.

DEER: Supporting. One of Tortoise’s close friends. Quiet and naive.

Family of engineers; dreams of being a counselor.

MOTHER TORTOISE: Supporting. Kind and understanding. Has more

in common with her daughter than either of them know.

FATHER TORTOISE: Minor. Kind, but pragmatic. Enjoys the simple life

of the Tortoise, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

GRANDMOTHER TORTOISE: Minor. Traditional, blunt, and borderline


SISTER TORTOISE: Minor. Tortoise’s younger sister. Energetic and sassy.

MAMA HARE: Minor. Former Big Race champion. A strict perfectionist with no tolerance for laziness.

CLAIRE HARE: Minor. Hare’s younger sister. A champion in training.

CHER HARE: Hare’s youngest sister. A champion in waiting.


BEAVER: Eager, energetic, Jill-of-all-trades. The Sporty Spice of the group.

PORCUPINE: Tough, spiny. The Scary Spice of the group.

SQUIRREL: Girly, prim, and proper. The Posh Spice of the group.

FROG: Ditsy, easily distracted, energetic. The Ginger Spice of the group.

MOUSE: Tiny, quiet, but spunky. The Baby Spice of the group.


MAYOR MARE: The Mayor of the Pasture.  

GOAT KID: A young citizen of the Pasture. Big Race fan.



This version was originally created for a cast of 32 elementary and middle school students, but is easily customizable for much smaller or larger casts!​

  • 32 actors

    • 3 females

    • 1 male

    • 28 open

  • approx. 90 min with an intermission

  • 15 songs

  • music style: contemporary musical theatre/pop

K-8th Grade


Audiences will learn that dreaming big, and working hard to achieve your goals, can help you accomplish the "impossible".

Learning Goals:

  • Perseverance

  • Self-esteem

  • Ambition


LADYBUG: Supporting. WBUG Lead anchor. Professional and charming.

BUMBLEBEE: Supporting. WBUG Co-anchor. Energetic, but dim.

GRASSHOPPER: Supporting. WBUG Field reporter.

SPIDER: Supporting. WBUG Field reporter.

WORM/ANNOUNCER: Minor. WBUG camera operator/announcer.


RACERS: Minor.                                                            

WOODPECKER: A citizen of the Pasture. Big Race racer.       

OWL: A citizen of the Pasture. Big Race racer.             

FOX: A citizen of the Pasture. Big Race racer.              RACCOON: A citizen of the Pasture. Big Race racer.  SKUNK: A citizen of the Pasture. Big Race racer.

CARDINAL: A citizen of the Pasture. Big Race racer.   

Music Samples

BBR Music
Another Sunny Day - The Biggest Big Race
How it Feels to Have a Dream - The Biggest Big Race
Qualification Day - The Biggest Big Race
When You're a Winner - The Biggest Big Race
Two Weeks Left - The Biggest Big Race
One Step at a Time - The Biggest Big Race
Believe in Yourself - The Biggest Big Race
The Big Race - The Biggest Big Race

What's Next?

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