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rapunzel in the wild west


Rapunzel longs to be a cowgirl but her mother insists

it’s time for her to start acting like a lady. When the evil

Bandit Queen shows up to steal the town fortune, it’s up to

Rapunzel and her famous, long golden hair-lasso to save the day.

Can she prove to everyone that she’s more than just a lady? Hop on the “Friendship Train” and help lasso the Bandit Queen just in time for Rapunzel’s birthday party!


RAPUNZEL - Lead. A teenager with strong, long, golden hair. Strong Mix/Belt.

BANDIT QUEEN - Lead. An evil thief from south of the border. The best bandit in the west. Alto/Belt.

BART - Supporting. The Bandit Queen’s right hand man; prone to mistakes. Tenor.

WILLY - Supporting. Sally’s older brother and The Tower pianist. Baritone.

SALLY - Supporting. Rapunzel’s best friend and fellow entertainer at The Tower. Soprano.

WIDOW WILSON - Supporting. Rapunzel’s mother and owner of The Tower, the best saloon in the West. Alto.

SHERIFF - Supporting. A money-hungry officer of the law. Baritone.


  • 7 actors

    • 4 females

    • 3 males

  • approx. 50 min without intermission

  • 9 songs

  • music style: primarily contemporary bluegrass musical theatre

    • features one pop gospel number, and one latin number

1st-6th grade


Audiences will learn that despite the opinions of others, you should be true to yourself and follow your dreams.​

Learning Goals:

  • good vs. evil

  • gender equality

  • basic characteristics of a Melodrama

Music Samples

Out in the Wild West - Rapunzel in the Wild West
The Bandit Queen - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Here's to You, Rapunzel - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Rapunzel (You Know that it's You) - Rapunzel in the Wild West
What I'd Wish - Rapunzel in the Wild West
The Friendship Train - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Bows (Rapunzel Reprise) - Rapunzel in the Wild West
Well, that depends.... which one are you?

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