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"Mills is genuine without harshness and endearing without being hokey. Childlike without being childish Mills plays the kind of character you’d want children to take after, and that’s saying quite a lot."


 -Theatre Reviews Ltd.

headshot of Ashley Mills Becher, photo by Shared Light Photography

My mother had no idea she was grooming me for a life in the theatre when she spoonfed me Rodgers and Hammerstein, Audrey Hepburn, and Julie Andrews as a young child, but from the moment I discovered musicals, I was certain there was nowhere else I'd rather be!

I've often been told I possess a vintage quality, and my sunny soprano and bright mix often feel at home in the classics. However, the search for truth and genuine connection that grounds my work, allows me to be a fair fit in contemporary works as well. I have equal passion for reimagining the familiar, and birthing originals, and find that collaborations of all sorts fill my spirits! If you enjoy, or are intrigued by what you see, I'd love to collaborate with you too! 

In case it matters to you, I'm ENFJ-A, Protagonist, Scorpio with Gemini Rising, and a Gryffindor. :)

"Our feisty Rapunzel, determined to ride with the men to capture the bank robber, is nicely played with sunny energy by Ashley Mills"


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