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Welcome to Summer Camp! ...Unfortunately these five unhappy campers don't get along at all, and are having the worst summer! But when they go on an overnight campout and their camp counselors disappear, they'll have to overcome their differences and work together to defeat the scary creature that lives in the woods! Join them on their journey of self-discovery as they realize it may just turn out to be the best summer of their lives!

Counselor Cathy - An upbeat, seasoned camp counselor; excited about every aspect of camp. Alto.

Counselor Carl - The newest counselor at camp; Cathy’s super sassy and supportive sidekick. Tenor.

Andy - The shy boy; full of potential but afraid to speak up. Baritone.

Raven - The “emo” girl; a tough exterior, but kind and genuine deep down. Soprano/Belt.


Link - The video game nerd; completely preoccupied with his virtual reality. Can be female. Baritone or Alto.

Martha - The goody two-shoes; has always been the best and the brightest and is used to bossing everyone around. Mezzo.

J.D. - The jock; a narcissistic bully. Baritone.



  • 7 characters

    • 3 males​

    • ​3 females​

    • 1 open

  • approx. 55 min without intermission

  • 9 songs

  • music style: contemporary musical theatre/rock 

K-8th grade

Audiences will learn that their differences make them special and that diversity is an important part of life.

Learning Goals:

  • Teamwork

  • Acceptance

  • Problem solving

  • Map navigation

Music Samples

The Worst Summer of Our Lives - Campout!
Campout! - Campout!
You're Different and I Like It - Campout!
Teamwork - Campout!
You're Different and I Don't Like It - Campout!
I'm Different - Campout!
Finale (Campout Megamix) - Campout!

What's Next?

Well, that depends.... which one are you?

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